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stef stef.dev at free.fr
Thu Jan 17 05:31:27 UTC 2008

Le Wednesday 16 January 2008 18:30:41 Fran Alvarez, vous avez écrit :
> Ok, ok, It seemed to me that I was being crystal clear at my explanations,
> and I'm surprised that a community of OS developpers is so afraid about
> giving "high level details" about the topic, but I understand that perhaps
> someone (commercially devoted) deceived you in the past and you want to
> know more about your recently joined askers.
> BTW, I refer to everyone that answered me for now (thanks for that!) and
> seemed to be in phase at their answers, but not to any of you in
> particular. I repeat, I thank you all, not my aim to bore you, only to
> explain my surprise about the main sense of the answer: tell us more (what
> in the other hand I totally understand: two hands never shake completely
> together if one of them keeps half-opened; anyway, I thank you for asking).
> Well, so let's go then. The only thing that was missing in the first
> description of my needs regarding using SENSE was the final aim of the
> project (for what I want a 1-line-only scanned image?) and the specific
> hardware I have. BUT the technical needs are what I just know now and what
> I exposed in first place:
> -I need to take or scan only one CCD line
> -I need to override the motor control to spoil this part of the scanner as
> I don't need it (and could make my design more compact)
> More details I'm afraid I don't have, except for the two missing ones that
> I'm not afraid to share: I was thinking about doing something practical
> with a spare scanner (hp scanjet 4470c) that a friend of mine gave me and I
> unmounted and studied the thing. I found the CCD, and suddenly I thought it
> would be a good idea to try to make an SPECTROSCOPE out of it (I'm a
> Physicist), so I started reading about CCD specs and data sheets (by the
> way, I was unable to find the correct datasheet for the 4470c's CCD, only a
> "lower" version: the ILX137K instead the one that it has, which is
> ILX139K). Days later I tried to find something at the OS community that
> made the task easier and SENSE appeared to my fingers... you know the rest.
> Apart from that, I'm not in anyway related to any commercial (or
> non-commercial) organization, or whatever (just in case someone is
> concerned), I only want to do it for my own curiosity and because I have
> time now, and that was the reason that moved me to post asking about SENSE:
> if it couldn't serve my needs, It's time to save time yet!
> Well, I hope this explains all the dim spots for you about the thing. In
> any case, I'll be pleased to listen (and answer) to you, of course.
> Thanks all.
> Fran.
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	I am currently finishing a backend fully supporting the hp 4470. During 
calibration, some scans are done without moving the sensor (motor off). So I 
guess you can achieve easily what you want.
	You can find it at http://stef.dev.free.fr/sane/rts8891/index.html, code is 

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