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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
3dprinter-general General discussion about anything related to the project
Alioth-staff-replacement Discussion of alioth replacement
Amavisd-new-debian-devel Amavisd-new Debian package development
Android-tools-devel Discussions about development of android-tools
Aptitude-devel Primary aptitude mailing list
Babel-users Discussion related to the Babel Routing Daemon
Blend-tinker-devel Tinker blend development discussion
Blends-commit Git commits
Boxer-devel Development of Boxer
Calendarserver-discuss Groupware related discussions
Calypso-commits Calypos Commits Mailing List
Calypso-maint Calypso Debian package maintenance
Chinese-developers Discussion about development of Chinese localization
Cupt-devel development and maintenance of Cupt package manager
Debconf-devel development of debconf
Debconfsubs-team Mailling list for the subtitle team.
Debian-astro-maintainers Mailing list for maintainer discussions and BTS messages
Debian-br-eventos Organização de eventos Debian no Brasil
Debian-br-geral Debian Brasil
debian-br-gud-belo-horizonte GUD-BR-Belo Horizonte
debian-br-gud-curitiba GUD-BR-Curitiba
Debian-br-gud-rs GUD-BR-RS
debian-edu-commits commits
Debian-edu-pkg-team Debian Edu Packaging Team -- packaging Debian Edu related software for Debian
debian-flyers-devel Discussions and work on the debian-flyers
Debian-ha-maintainers Coordination Mailinglist for the Debian HA maintainers
Debian-handbook-translators Coordination with translators of the book
Debian-in-workers Developers of Debian-IN
Debian-iot-maintainers Debian IoT packages maintainers, used for the Maintainer: field.
Debian-islamic-maintainers [no description available]
Debian-l10n-devel Development of tools for the Debian l10n infrastructure
debian-lan-devel Development of Debian-LAN
Debian-lego-team Debian LEGO Packaging Team
debian-med-commit Subversion commit notifications
Debian-med-packaging List for collaborative maintainership of medical related packages
Debian-mobcom-maintainers Debian MobCom packages maintainers, used for the Maintainer: field.
Debian-on-mobile-maintainers Debian on mobile maintainer slist
Debian-pan-maintainers This is a Photon And Neutron dedicated Debian Pure Blend.
Debian-rtc-team RTC Team matters. Most users should subscribe to instead.
Debian-salsa-ci Discussion list for the Debian Salsa CI pipelines
debian-science-maintainers Mailing list for maintainer discussions and BTS messages
Debian-science-sagemath Development issues of sagemath and related tools
debian-seattle-social Social meetings, key signings, and other misc.
debian-security-tracker-commits commits to the security-tracker repository
Debian-sponsors-discuss Public list to discuss general Debian fundraising efforts.
debian-xml-sgml-pkgs Debian XML/SGML Group packages
Debiandoc-sgml-commit DebianDoc-SGML source repository commits
Debiandoc-sgml-devel Developer list for DebianDoc-SGML
Debiandoc-sgml-pkgs DebianDoc-SGML packages
Debichem-devel Debichem development list
Design-devel discussions about design in Debian
Fai-config-dir-commits commits to the fai-config-dir VCS
Filesystems-devel Discussion about filesystem utilities packaging
Fingerforce-devel Development list
Freedombox-discuss Discussion of the FreedomBox project
Freedombox-pkg-team For maintenance of packages related to FreedomBox.
Fsf-collab-discuss [no description available]
Fusioninventory-commit FusionInventory Commit
Fusioninventory-devel FusionInventory Developer discussion
Fusioninventory-user FusionInventory User discussion
kannada-commits cvs commits
libhid-discuss Discussion about libhid usage and development
libkdtree-devel general development discussions
Licenses-discuss Discuss inspection of licenses and copyight metadata
Likwid-commit likwid GIT commits
Mergebot-discuss General discussion list about mergebot
minicom-announce minicom announcements
minicom-devel minicom developers communication
netconf-devel development list
Neurodebian-users NeuroDebian users support and discussions
Nut-upsannounce read only - announce for new versions of NUT and related software
Nut-upsdev all-purpose development topics.
Nut-upsuser covers most topics not related to development.
OfflineIMAP-project OfflineIMAP help and discussion
OpenPGP-applet-devel The DEPRECATED OpenPGP applet development discussion list
Parl-devel Development of DebianParl
Parl-user Support for DebianParl users
parted-devel Subscriber-only development discussion
Parted-maintainers List for maintainers and developers of the parted package
Perl-maintainers Debian Perl5 maintainers
Pinfo-announce Announcements of new versions of pinfo
Pinfo-devel Discussions regarding development of pinfo
Piuparts-commits Piuparts commits list
Piuparts-devel Piuparts development list
Piuparts-reports Reports from running piuparts on
Pkg-a11y-devel development notifications, bug reports, etc.
Pkg-aa-profiles-team Debian AppArmor Profiles Team
Pkg-acpi-devel developers discussion
Pkg-alsa-devel Development List for Debian ALSA Packaging
Pkg-anthy-devel Debian packaging for Anthy and related packages
pkg-apparmor-team Debian AppArmor Team
Pkg-auth-maintainers Debian Authentication Tools Team
Pkg-ayatana-devel The Ayatana Packagers devel list
pkg-bacula-devel Discussion on Bacula packaging
Pkg-bareos-devel [no description available]
Pkg-bazaar-maint Discussion list
pkg-boinc-devel General discussion list for BOINC and related packages
Pkg-cacti-maint Discussion for cacti related packaging
Pkg-cgit-devel [no description available]
Pkg-citadel-devel Main development list
Pkg-clamav-devel development of ClamAV Debian packages
Pkg-clojure-maintainers Clojure packaging in Debian
Pkg-cmake-team Debian' CMake maintainer's list
Pkg-cracklib-commits list where scm commits get posted
pkg-crosswire-devel [no description available]
pkg-cryptsetup-devel development for cryptsetup packages
pkg-curry-commits Commits on Debian Curry Packages
pkg-curry-maintainers Debian Curry Maintainers
Pkg-cyrus-sasl2-commits Records Git commits made to the pkg-cyrus-sasl2 repository
Pkg-cyrus-sasl2-debian-devel Development of Debian Cyrus SASL package
Pkg-deepin-devel Deepin related packaging
Pkg-dpdk-devel DPDK packaging team
Pkg-e-devel Debian enlightenment maintainers
Pkg-electronics-commits cvs commits
Pkg-electronics-devel Developer discussion for electronics packaging team
Pkg-emacsen-addons Maintainers list for Emacs addon packages
Pkg-erlang-commits Debian Erlang packages VCS commits
Pkg-erlang-devel Debian Erlang packages developers' list
Pkg-exim4-maintainers Reach the exim4 maintainers
Pkg-exim4-users User-level discussion and support for the Debian packages.
Pkg-ExpPsy-PyMVPA Development and support of PyMVPA
Pkg-fglrx-devel Developpement list for fglrx packaging
Pkg-fonts-devel Discussion mailing list for the project members
Pkg-freedesktop-maintainers Maintainers of Debian packages
Pkg-freeipa-devel List for developer discussion, commit msgs and bugmail
Pkg-freeradius-maintainers Discussion list for members of pkg-freeradius
Pkg-games-devel Mailing List for Collaborative Development of Game Packages for Debian
Pkg-ganeti-commits cvs commits
Pkg-geany-team pkg-geany team list
Pkg-giraffe-discuss Discussing non packaging related topics
Pkg-giraffe-maintainers Packaging related discussions
Pkg-gmagick-im-team imagemagick maintainer team
pkg-gnome-maintainers Maintainers of Debian Gnome packages
pkg-gnupg-maint maintainer and coordination address for gnupg packaging
pkg-GNUstep-maintainers The Debian GNUstep maintainers list
Pkg-gnutls-maint Reach the package maintainers
Pkg-go-maintainers Discussion list for members of pkg-go
pkg-golang-devel Go Compiler Team
Pkg-grass-devel Development List for GRASS and Debian-GIS
Pkg-gridengine-devel Grid Engine packaging coordination
Pkg-grub-devel Maintaining of Debian GRUB
Pkg-gtkpod-devel Development Coordination/BTS mails/SVN commits
Pkg-haskell-commits git commits
Pkg-haskell-maintainers Debian Haskell Maintainers
Pkg-icc-devel ICC profile packaging
pkg-java-commits Commits for pkg-java
pkg-java-maintainers Maintainers of Debian Java packages
Pkg-javascript-commits pkg-javascript commit list
Pkg-javascript-devel pkg-javascript main list
Pkg-julia-devel Development list for Debian Julia Team
Pkg-kbd-devel Discussions related to packaging kbd and other console tools in Debian
pkg-kde-extras List for the maintainers of stuff under qt-kde-team/extras.
pkg-kde-talk This list is a coordination channel for the upcoming KDE Packaging Team.
Pkg-libburnia-devel Development chat for pkg-libburnia
Pkg-libvirt-commits pkg-libvirt git commits
Pkg-libvirt-discuss Discuss virtualization in Debian
Pkg-libvirt-maintainers Pkg-libvirt Maintainers
Pkg-linaro-lava-devel Developing packaging for Linaro and LAVA software
Pkg-llvm-team LLVM Packaging Team
pkg-lua-devel Discussion on Lua packaging
Pkg-lxc-devel [no description available]
Pkg-lxde-maintainers Maintainers of Debian LXDE packages
pkg-lxqt-devel Discussion of issues related to LXQt on Debian system.
pkg-lynx-maint Lynx Package Maintainers
Pkg-Mactel-Devel Discussions on Mactel software integration
Pkg-mailman-hackers Discussion list for the packaging of Mailman in Debian
pkg-mali-devel Mali packaging project mailing list
pkg-mate-commits MATE Vcs Commits
pkg-mate-team MATE Packaging Team
Pkg-matrix-maintainers Matrix packaging team mailing list
Pkg-middleware-maintainers Maintainers of middleware packages on Debian
Pkg-monitoring-maintainers pkg-monitoring maintainers list
pkg-mono-group [no description available]
Pkg-mozext-maintainers Mozilla extension maintainers
Pkg-mpd-maintainers Debian mpd maintainers
pkg-mt-om-devel Movable Type and OpenMelody Debian package development
pkg-mtpolicyd-maintainers Maintenance of mtpolicyd
pkg-multimedia-maintainers Debian multimedia packages maintainers
pkg-mysql-maint Contact the MySQL maintainers
pkg-nagios-changes commits to nagios-team repositories
Pkg-nagios-devel Team Maintenance of the nagios package.
Pkg-net-snmp-commits commits
Pkg-net-snmp-devel Development of NetSNMP Debian Packages
pkg-netatalk-devel Development of Netatalk packaging
pkg-netfilter-team Maling list for the pkg-netfilter team
Pkg-netmeasure-discuss Internet Measure Packaging Team Discussion
Pkg-nginx-maintainers nginx maintainers
pkg-nvidia-devel [no description available]
Pkg-opencl-devel Discussion about OpenCL packaging in Debian
Pkg-openldap-devel Developer discussions about the Debian OpenLDAP packages
pkg-opensc-maint Debian OpenSC Maintainers
Pkg-openssl-changes svn commit messages etc.
Pkg-openssl-devel Package Development List for OpenSSL packages.
Pkg-opt-media-team Optical Media Tools Team
Pkg-ossec-devel Development of the Ossec package [deprecated]
Pkg-owncloud-maintainers Maintainers of the ownCloud for Debian packages
Pkg-parrot-devel Debian Parrot Maintainers
pkg-perl-maintainers Mailinglist used for the Maintainer field.
Pkg-phototools-devel Debian PhotoTools Maintainers
pkg-php-pear PEAR modules packaging
Pkg-privacy-commits pkg-privacy commit notifications
Pkg-privacy-maintainers pkg-privacy discussion list
Pkg-proftpd-maintainers ProFTPD packages maintainace team
pkg-pulseaudio-devel Package developement discussion
Pkg-puppet-devel Development of puppet packages
pkg-python-debian-maint Maintainer list for the python-debian package
pkg-qemu-devel Coordination of qemu packaging
Pkg-r-maintainers Default Maintainer Mailing list
Pkg-rakudo-devel Debian Rakudo Maintainers development mailing list
Pkg-raspi-maintainers [no description available]
pkg-remote-commits Commits of the Debian Remote Team
pkg-remote-team Debian Remote Maintainers Team
pkg-request-tracker-maintainers Maintainer's alias
Pkg-roundcube-maintainers Mailing list for roundcube maintainers
pkg-rrdtool-maint Debian rrdtool maintainers
Pkg-ruby-extras-maintainers Maintainers of the Debian Ruby Extras packages
Pkg-rust-maintainers Rust maintainers ML
pkg-salt-team [no description available]
Pkg-samba-maint list for discussion among the Samba package maintainers
pkg-sass-devel Development of Sass+Compass packaging
Pkg-sdl-maintainers Debian SDL packages maintainers
Pkg-shadow-devel Mailing-list for developers of the Debian package for shadow
Pkg-shibboleth-devel Debian Shibboleth packaging discussion
Pkg-sks-commit Commits to SKS SVN Repository
Pkg-sogo-maintainers Debian SOGo Maintainers
Pkg-sssd-devel List for developer discussion, commit msgs and bugmail
pkg-sugar-devel Sugar packaging development discussion
Pkg-swan-devel Development list for *Swan IPsec tools
Pkg-systemd-maintainers Debian systemd Maintainers
Pkg-sysvinit-devel Discussion on packaging and developing sysvinit
pkg-tasktools-discuss Tasktools Discussion List
Pkg-tcltk-commits VCS commits for pkg-tcltk project
Pkg-tcltk-devel debian tcl/tk developers discussion
Pkg-telepathy-maintainers List for pkg-telepathy package maintance
Pkg-tigervnc-devel Debian Packaging of TigerVNC
Pkg-utopia-maintainers Maintainers for pkg-utopia packages
pkg-uWSGI-devel uWSGI packaging development
pkg-vdr-dvb-changes List for Changes in CVS-Repository of pkg-vdr-dvb
pkg-vdr-dvb-devel Package Development List for VDR and VDR-related packages.
Pkg-virtualbox-commits VirtualBox SVN changes
Pkg-voip-maintainers VoIP package maintainers list
Pkg-webkit-maintainers Debian WebKit Maintainers
pkg-wicd-maint Debian WICD Packaging Team
Pkg-wmaker-devel wmaker and dockapps packages developer mail list
Pkg-xen-devel Team Maintenance of the xen package.
Pkg-xfce-commits Subversion repository commit logs
Pkg-xmpp-commits pkg-xmpp commit list
Pkg-xmpp-devel pkg-xmpp main list
pkg-xtuple-maintainers Discussion of xTuple packaging in Debian
Pkg-zfsonlinux-devel ZFS on Linux packaging
Pkg-zsh-devel Development Mailinglist for the Debian packaging of Zsh
PKI-Clean-Room-Devel Development mailing list
Popcon-developers A forum for the popcon developers
Printing-debian-discuss Discuss the Art project "Printing Debian"
Python-apps-team Debian Python Applications Team
python-daemon-announce Announcements related to the ‘python-daemon’ library
python-daemon-bugs Bug tracker notifications for ‘python-daemon’ project
python-daemon-devel Development discussion for the ‘python-daemon’ library
Python-modules-commits Debian Python Modules Team - Repository Commits
Python-modules-team Debian Python Modules Team
Qa-debsources Debsources development discussions
Qa-jenkins-dev Discussions for the development of
Qa-jenkins-scm SCM mails for the development of
R-pkg-team Debian R Packages Maintainers
Raspbian-devel Topics related to development of raspbian
Reproducible-bugs Bug reports for the Reproducible Builds project
Reproducible-builds Reproducible Builds discussion list
Resolvconf-devel [no description available]
Rsbackup-maint List for discussing the debian package of rsbackup
sane-announce Release and other important announcements
sane-commit Notices about commits to the SANE git tree
sane-devel Discussion about SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) for users and developers
SELinux-devel SELinux packaging and policy development
Showme-devel ShowMe development discussion
Soc-coordination Coordination of Google's Summer of Code projects
Surfraw-devel Surfraw development list for discussion and coordination
Syslog-ng-maintainers [no description available]
Teammetrics-discuss Discussion list for Debian Teams Activity Metrics
tryton-debian Tryton package maintenance in Debian
tryton-debian-vcs VCS commits on Tryton packages in Debian
Tts-project Allows users, developpers, packagers and so to share their experience in tts
Tux4kids-commits svn commits
Tux4kids-discuss discussion mailinglist for the tux4kids project
Tux4kids-tuxmath-scm tuxmath commit list (not used!)
Tux4kids-tuxpaint-scm tuxpaint commit list (not used!)
Tux4kids-tuxtype-dev development list for tuxtype
Tux4kids-tuxtype-scm tuxtype commit list (not used)
vcs-pkg-discuss Discussions on using VCS for distro packaging
Xword-commits Commit messages.
Xword-devel Developer discussion of xword
Xword-users Help for users of xword.

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