[Debian-zh-dev] Bug#960475: RFS: iptux/0.7.6-2 -- Intranet communication tool for Linux

atzlinux 肖盛文 atzlinux at sina.com
Thu May 14 09:59:45 BST 2020

在 2020/5/14 下午3:42, Peter Pentchev 写道:
> Hm, it seems to work for me for the gitless package. Also, the attached
> patch works for me for the iptux package - I guess it may not be very
> well documented that @ANY_VERSION@ is a regular expression group, so you
> don't have to put it in () by itself, if that's what you tried.

Your attached patch is work for me to. The log file is attached.

I used @ARCHIVE_EXT@ in the opts=filenamemangle line with @ANY_VERSION@
last time,

//opts=filenamemangle=s/.+\/v?@ANY_VERSION@@ARCHIVE_EXT@/@PACKAGE at -$1 at ARCHIVE_EXT@/
//  https://github.com/iptux-src/@PACKAGE@/tags

so I get the mistake filename download.

uscan: Newest version of iptux on remote site is 0.7.6, local version is
uscan:    => Newer package available from
uscan info: Downloading upstream package:
uscan info: Requesting URL:
uscan info: Successfully downloaded package:
uscan info: Start checking for common possible upstream OpenPGP
signature files
uscan info: End checking for common possible upstream OpenPGP signature
uscan info: Missing OpenPGP signature.
uscan info: New orig.tar.* tarball version (oversionmangled): 0.7.6
uscan info: Launch mk-origtargz with options:
   --package iptux --version 0.7.6 --compression default --directory ..
--copyright-file debian/copyright
uscan error: Parameter
../iptux-0.7.6(?i)(?:.(?:tar.xz|tar.bz2|tar.gz|zip|tgz|tbz|txz)) does
not look like a tar archive or a zip file.

> I should have mentioned that before, but feel free to let me know
> directly for future uploads of the iptux package. I mean, obviously
> I cannot test it (unless there is a way to test it from waaaay outside
> China and Eastern Asia at all?), but I can make sure it builds and
> then upload it :)

I uploaed the new version iptux just before. Welcome to test and upload.

Please see:


Thanks for your patch and test!

肖盛文 Faris Xiao
铜豌豆 Linux 
基于 Debian 的 Linux 中文桌面操作系统:https://www.atzlinux.com

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