[Debian-zh-dev] Bug#960475: RFS: iptux/0.7.6-2 -- Intranet communication tool for Linux

atzlinux 肖盛文 atzlinux at sina.com
Thu May 14 04:03:18 BST 2020


    Thanks for your sponsor.

在 2020/5/13 下午6:39, Peter Pentchev 写道:
> Uploaded, thanks for your work!
> For future reference:
> - you could shorten the rules file even further by using the new
>   "execute_after" targets available in debhelper 13
done  in git.[1]
> - you could use the watch file format 4 and use @ANY_VERSION@ and
done in git.[2]

updated to format 4.

cat watch

//opts=filenamemangle=s/.+\/v?(\d\S*)\.tar\.gz/@PACKAGE at -$1\.tar\.gz/ \//
//  https://github.com/iptux-src/@PACKAGE@/tags .*/v?(\d\S*)@ARCHIVE_EXT@/


but @ANY_VERSION@ perhaps is not very fit for github.

I'd used uscan -v to verify the new watch file,it's run normal, the log
is  attachmented.

> Of course, both of these are at your maintainer's discretion!

Thanks for your guide.

> G'luck,
> Peter



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