[pymvpa] Announcement: 0.4.3 release (git/sources/Debian)

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Sat Sep 5 17:58:36 UTC 2009

Dear PyMVPA users,

I am glad to announce that we are releasing 0.4.3 version of

So far we have:
  * pushed/tagged sources in git repository
  * uploaded Debian packages into Debian/sid
    (should become available later on today)
  * source tarballs available from usual location

Yet to come (it is holidays after all, families need us):
  * Update to the website to reflect the release
  * May be (speak out if you need ones, since providing them is
    associated with a considerable amount of pain):
   - rpms from http://download.opensuse.org
   - Windows installer (speak out if you need one)

Changelog for the release is:

    * Online documentation editor is no longer available due to low demand – please submit changes via email.
    * Performance (Contributed by Valentin Haenel) (3 OPT commits):
          o Further optimized LIBSVM bindings.
          o Copy-if-sorted in selectFeatures.
    * New functionality (25 NF commits):
          o ProcrusteanMapper with orthogonal and oblique transformations.
          o Ability to generate simple reports using reportlab. See/run examples/match_distribution.py for example.
          o TreeClassifier – construct simple hierarchies of classifiers.
          o wtf() to report information about the system/PyMVPA to be included in the bug reports.
          o Parameter ‘reverse’ to swap training/testing splits in Splitter .
          o Example code for the analysis of event-related dataset using ERNiftiDataset.
          o toEvents() to create lists of Event.
          o mvpa-prep-fmri was extended with plotting of motion correction parameters.
          o ColumnData can be explicitly told either file contains a header.
          o In XMLBasedAtlas (e.g. fsl atlases) it is now possible to provide custom ‘image_file’ to get maps or indexes for the areas given an atlas’s volume registered into subject space.
          o Updated included LIBSVM version to 2.89 and provided support for its “silencing”.
    * Refactored (27 RF commits):
          o Dataset’s copy() with deep=False allows for shallow copying the dataset.
          o FeatureSelectionClassifier s in warehouse not to reuse the same classifiers, but to use clones.
    * Fixed (70 BF commits):
          o OneWayAnova: previously degrees of freedom were not considered while computing F-scores.
          o Majority voting strategy in kNN: it was not working.
          o Various fixes to ensure cross-platform building (numpy header locations, etc).
          o Stability fixes in ConfusionMatrix.
          o idsonboundaries(): samples at the end of the sequence were not handled properly.
          o Proper “untraining” of FeatureSelectionClassifier s classifiers which use sensitivities: it could lead to various unpleasant side-effects if the same slave classifier was used simultaneously by multiple MetaClassifiers (like TreeClassifier).
    * Documentation (25 DOC commits): citations, spelling corrections, etc.

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