[pymvpa] Windows executable? for mvpa2

Jenn Olejarczyk olejarcz at email.sc.edu
Wed Mar 21 13:46:42 UTC 2012


   I tried to go through all the steps for making the PyMVPA work for
windows but I guess one of my steps might be wrong.  The steps are below
with some questions if someone know what I did wrong....

STEP 1: got MinGW, added to the path for both C:\MinGW and C:\MinGW\bin
STEP 2: got the swigwin, ran the executable
STEP 3: changed setup.cfg.win to setup.cfg
STEP 4: checked the Makefile.win so it has the right path
-> I have Python 2.6 and the path was set to 'C:\\Python26'.  Will this
still work?  I am just not familiar with the double backslash
STEP 5: mingw32-make -f Makefile.win installer
-> so I tried this at the Run cmd line, made sure the MinGW, Python, and
PyMVPA were all in the environment path.  Was this the right thing to do?

I don't see any executables in PyMVPA folder or site-packages for mvpa2 in
the Python directory.  I've had the other packages install fine from
executables but making my own has been an issue.  I tried opening the
setup.py file as well in PyMVPA and running that then selecting the compile
and build options.  I get a build folder but no executables.  Any one know
what I am doing wrong or have an executable that works for the updated
PyMVPA?  I found an executable from March 2011
(pymvpa-0.6.0~rc3.win32-py2.6) but it didn't have mvpa2 rather just mvpa.

Any suggestions or solutions?

Thanks for the help,
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