[pymvpa] Train and test on different classes from a dataset

Jan j.derrfuss at donders.ru.nl
Fri Feb 1 16:53:09 UTC 2013

Michael Hanke <mih at ...> writes:
> You can find a demo for this here 
> but stop reading/doing at "The following content is incomplete and
> experimental"

Thanks for pointing this out! I had downloaded the 2.0 version of the manual a
while ago and hadn't realized that this section has somewhat changed...

Is there a (relatively) simple way to change my existing code to take this into
account or should it be rewritten along the lines suggested in the tutorial?
Sorry if the answer might be somewhat obvious for more experienced users, but
being very new to the Python/PyMVPA world I still feel somewhat overwhelmed by
the sheer number of existing classes and their different uses... So, your
support in helping me understand this better is very much appreciated!


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