[sane-devel] New release of hp3900-series backend

JKD jkdsoft at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 03:54:53 UTC 2007


I've released version 0.8 of hp3900 backend. In this version, the
following scanners are supported:

HP ScanJet 3800 (NEW)
HP ScanJet 3970
HP ScanJet 4070
HP ScanJet 4370

Supporting status for each scanner can be found at:

The complete changelog for this version is located at:

And files can be downloaded from:

Umax Astra 4900/4950 is not supported yet despite of using the same
chipset as hp3970 and hp4070 because it uses a CIS sensor instead of CCD 
and I didn't find yet the right way to programm it.

Jonathan Bravo Lopez

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